Clark’s Gringo Salsa Mix

At Clark’s Gringo Foods We Are Serious About Our Salsa Mix

There are a million ways to make salsa and a million opinions on what salsa ingredients are the best! So, how do you make the “perfect” salsa mix?

It all started in the 1980s when Bill and Karyn Clark developed a salsa mix for their personal use. They began with a wet salsa and were unable to keep up with demand. They realized if they could dehydrate their recipe, it would allow them to expand the business and since then it has been available to the general public for their enjoyment.

At Clark’s Gringo Foods, our salsa mix is the perfect blend of spices that allow you to personalize your recipe to your own liking. The blend of all natural products is guaranteed to make you smile and your tummy happy!

What Makes The Perfect Salsa Mix?

The perfect salsa mix is one that is easy to prepare, fresh, economical and tasty. Our mix is easy to make, takes about 5 minutes and has a refrigerator life of one week.

Why It Is Important For Your Salsa Mix To Be All-Natural?

So many of the available mixes on the market today are processed and contain MSG or other unhealthy ingredients in an effort to extend shelf life and save money. You will find many national brands that use preservatives. Clark’s Gringo Foods prides itself in offering only All-Natural, Gluten Free, and Non-MSG, Salsa Mix, which contains no preservatives. All the wonderful tastes you are seeking with the comfort of knowing you are using healthy spices prepared in a safe manner for your personal use.

There Are Many Benefits To Using Clark’s Gringo Foods Salsa Mix:

  • Great Flavor
  • All-Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Unique and Award-Winning Taste
  • Easy To Use
  • No Need To Include Additional Spices
  • Affordable and a Great Value
  • Makes a great base for your personal recipe

So, Why Is Clark’s Gringo Foods Salsa Mix The Best?

Clark’s Gringo Foods Salsa Mix is the best because it is simple and good. Competitors usually overdue their recipes with too many ingredients not allowing them to work together but against each other. Our mix is simple and most important, has the perfect ratio of ingredients so they are able to compliment one another. We know this because when the Clark’s were trying to convert their wet recipe to a dry mix, they went through a large number of batches until they got the ratios right. Our salsa is the best because it allows the customer to use it as a base in their own recipe. For instance, adding a small amount of fresh cilantro adds a whole new flavor.


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