Clark’s Gringo Foods Chili Mix

What Separates “Clark’s Gringo Foods Chili Mix” From All Other Chili Mixes?

If you are like us, you love your chili mix! A great chili mix always makes the difference between serving a good chili and serving the “best” chili at your party or event.

Have you ever purchased a chili mix seasoning and wondered, “Where is the flavor”? The secret is, we use a very high-quality chili powder, which is what makes chili taste like true chili. One thing that separates a good chili from average chili is the color and our mix makes a deep nice red color chili.   Many of our customers have commented to us that they have experienced this with other “national brands”. Our Award-Winning Chili Mix will dazzle your taste buds through our proprietary mix of spices in a Non-MSG and Gluten Free Recipe, which contains no preservatives, and is conveniently packaged and shipped directly to your door. Taste the difference with Clark’s Gringo Foods Chili Mix! We Guarantee you will love it!

You Want Your Chili Mix To Be All-Natural?

There are many chili mixes on the market today, and many of them are not natural and gluten-free. You will find in several national brands that they use preservatives. Clark’s Gringo Foods prides itself in offering only All-Natural, Gluten Free, and Non-MSG, Chili Mix, which contains no preservatives. All the wonderful tastes you are seeking with the comfort of knowing you are using healthy spices prepared in a safe manner for your personal use. Additionally, our mix package makes 3 lbs. of chili whereas most other mixes only make a pound which from our perspective does not feed a family.


There Are Many Benefits To Using Clark’s Gringo Foods Chili Mix:

  • Great Flavor
  • All-Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Unique and Award-Winning Taste
  • Easy To Use
  • No Need To Include Additional Spices
  • Affordable and a Great Value
  • Makes a great base for your personal recipe


So, Why Is Clark’s Gringo Foods Chili Mix The Best?

We don’t like to brag, but hey, we will acknowledge it when asked! Clark’s Gringo Foods is the perfect blend of heat, salt, and spices that make it the best chili mix on the market! Our chili mix is a great blend of the right amount and types of spices that provide a great flavor for all chili lovers. We understand that everyone has their own tastes and levels of heat that they desire. Clark’s Gringo Foods Chili Mix is a great place to start in case you want to add more heat and a specific spice to your final recipe! Additionally, our mix package makes 3 lbs. of chili whereas most other mixes only make one pound, which from our perspective does not feed a family.

When you are looking to create that perfect chili for your family or friends, look no further than Clark’s Gringo Foods! With over 40 years of providing healthy and tasty spices and salsa mixes to the country, we are confident that you will not only enjoy our products but will continue to use them for years to come!

Also, our mix makes a great base for all of you chili connoisseurs. We have received numerous comments and feedback from our customers who have competed in chili cookoffs and either placed or won, that used our mix for their base used in their personal recipe. We asked how they integrated our mix into their recipe and they responded by substituting our mix for their chili powder.


Taste the difference today, taste the best chili mix, from Clark’s Gringo Foods!

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